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Newborn Toronto Photographer – Baby Evelyn

Why is it so important that people get newborn photo sessions done?

I think a lot of new parents likely ask “why is it so important that people get newborn photo sessions done?” As a wedding photographer, I often have the great joy of seeing a couple become a family unit. I think the biggest reason to get a newborn photo session done is to capture that all important moment of initial bonding that your family is going through. It really is one of the most momentous events a family experiences. The other reason why newborn photo sessions are so important is that babies change so quickly in the first two years so you need to capture these moments while they are still there!

I feel so blessed when former clients come back to me for my services when they have babies. I first met Holly and her family last fall when they were only a family of 3! But this year I was tickled pink when I was asked back after Evelyn graced the world with her presence. It is always such a joy to capture new members of the family. I caught stories, cuddles and of course some tears – because no lifestyle session is complete without a few. Thank you to all my clients for inviting me into such intimate moments of their lives. I’m so happy they’ll be able to hold onto these memories forever now. You really get a glimpse of this early bonding that is so special to behold!

baby photos by toronto photographer gillian foster baby photos by toronto photographer mom sitting in chair with newborn baby resting on her chest Toronto lifestyle photographer newborn baby photographed on heart sheets Toronto photographer mother with newborn pressed up against her chest Toronto photographer Gillian Foster man sitting in chair with his baby cradled in his hands Toronto lifestyle photographer black and white shot of newborn baby lying in fathers lap Toronto photographer husband looks on as wife holds newborn to her chest Toronto lifestyle photographer Gillian Foster husband and wife hold newborn baby Toronto lifestyle photographer baby lying on heart sheets with parents hand brushing their cheek Toronto lifestyle photographer why is it so important that people get newborn photo sessions done? apartment bedroom with mom lying on bed with toddler and nursery with father changing newborn baby parents lying on bed with baby in fathers lap and toddler in the middle while mother reads a book Toronto photographer Gillian Foster parents lying in bed with newborn and toddler while mother reads book to toddler Toronto parents lying in bed with newborn and toddler while mother reads book to toddler Toronto lifestyle photographer parents lying in bed with crying newborn and crying toddler while mother reads book to toddler Toronto parents and toddler looking into crib at newborn baby on heart sheets Toronto photographer Gillian Foster toddler reaches into white crib to touch baby sister Toronto newborn baby sneezing Toronto lifestyle photography father lifting baby out of crib while toddler runs around room Toronto photographer black and white shot of baby feet Toronto lifestyle photography parents sitting on couch in living room with baby and toddler on their laps Toronto

So here are a couple tips on how parents can keep capturing moments in the months following our session:

What kind of photos should you take of your baby as they grow? I think it’s always sweet when you capture the moment before the delivery happens, and of course when the older sibling meets their new baby for the first time. These are the moments you want to make sure you capture!

I also think it’s important to capture new babies toes, fingers, hands, and feet! They’re so tiny and they change so quickly. It is so special that we can still see womb wrinkles on baby Evelyn as she was just a few weeks old when I captured these.

I also like capturing babies first ‘funny’ face! Speaking of funny faces, check out this shoot I did a while back. The baby looks like it’s impersonating their pet pug that is also in the shot. It is hilarious! I caught one of Evelyn and my heart just melted! Don’t forget to grab a photo of them sleeping. They’re so at peace. I wonder if/how babies dream? And if you’re lucky enough, make sure you catch your baby sneezing. Nothing is cuter than a baby sneezing! Hopefully we can capture most of these shots during a newborn session together.

  • Rachel Kunzen - July 18, 2018 - 10:22 am

    These images are stunning! I don’t have children yet but one day when I do, I certainly want newborn photos! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Ryan Gonzales - July 18, 2018 - 10:27 am

    Great lifestyle sessionReplyCancel

  • Jamie L Reinhart - July 18, 2018 - 2:44 pm

    These pictures are beautiful-and I agree with your thoughts on newborn photography! Especially lifestyle pictures like these!ReplyCancel

  • Andrea - July 18, 2018 - 11:05 pm

    Tiny little baby. Such precious memories of this family in their own home and with their own surroundings. I love the style of lifestyle sessions.ReplyCancel

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