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 What Is The Just Married Leather Jacket?

It feels like a lot of brides are catching on to a cool new trend this year. If you’re still asking yourself, “what is the just married leather jacket?” and you’ve landed here for more info, I’m happy to share this cool trend with you.

On June 11, 2016, Sylvia Wong created the just married leather jacket for her wedding. She wanted to bring a bit of edginess to her big day. Afterwards, she wanted to see this creation live on with more brides. She put the jacket up on Bunz in the GTA, and asked not for money, but simply a bottle of wine in return. Since she embarked on creating this badass trend for brides, the jacket has been worn 80 times. Look out brides of 2019 who want to get their hands on the jacket, it already has 40 bookings!

Wong has been interviewed about the meaning of this leather jacket, and why she thinks it has garnered such a strong following:

“Everyone calls it the sisterhood of the travelling leather jacket. You feel like you’re part of a club once you wear it. And connecting with women that are on a similar journey just a couple days before their wedding is really cool to me because I’m almost living vicariously through these awesome weddings because mine was so small.”

You may be wondering why there is only one. “If she made one awesome “just married” leather jacket, and it’s already so popular, why not make more? Why not monetize this beautiful creation? Well, Wong has stated that this would completely wreck what the jacket represents.

“I think there’s kind of a charm or a magic to it being my jacket that’s already been worn by 20 people and something that you share, so I don’t want to dilute that idea with trying to make money out of it,” she said. “It’s more about the community and the fun of it.”

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Leather Jacket

One of the coolest testimonies a bride has posted online after her wedding stressed the feelings that accompany the jacket. Rima Khullar, a 28 year old from Scarborough, ON wore the just married jacket on her big day. She said it made her feel “that I was part of something authentic. I felt a sense of belonging. Something about the distressed ridges and even the mix of sweet fragrances of the brides before me had me feeling safe, warm and positive before the wedding.”

With a team of truly amazing vendors, I had the chance to do a styled shoot with the just married leather jacket at the Jam Factory on the east side of Toronto. That day was swelteringly hot, yet the just married jacket still seemed to be the hottest part of our day. It’s crazy to say, but it sort of has a certain mystic around it now. Almost like the sisterhood of brides that have worn it have each poured a little bit of their badass souls into it before passing it on. This is one badass leather jacket! It certainly gets my recommendation for any bride looking to put some edge in her wedding pictures!

Bride holding colourful bouquet of flowers Jam Factory wedding photography TorontoBride holding colourful bouquet of flowers Jam Factory wedding photographybride laughing and brushing her hair behind her ear with her fingers Jam Factory wedding photography Toronto bride and groom dancing Jam Factory wedding Toronto Gillian Fosterbride and groom dancing Jam Factory wedding Torontogroom dipping bride on the dance floor as they laugh Jam Factory wedding Torontowhat is the just married leather jacket?Just married leather jacket and bride and groom standing in font of window in background Jam Factory Toronto wedding photographerbride reaching out to grab just married leather jacket off a hook Jam Factory Toronto wedding photographybride and groom crossing street in front of the Jam Factory, Toronto wedding photography Gillian Fosterbride wearing just married leather jacket leaning against Jam Factory wall with groombride wearing just married leather jacket leaning against Jam Factory wall with groom wedding photography

Are You Looking For A Way To Add Some Edge To Your Wedding Pictures?

If the just married leather jacket has caught your eye and want to know more, or hear more testimonials from brides that have worn it, click here. Not only was it a pleasure to do a styled shoot with the infamous just married leather jacket, it was inspirational too. I can’t wait to hear from a bride that is looking to add some edge to their wedding day. Working on this shoot has given me so many great ideas for future projects. I would love to share some of these edgy ideas with the right bride!

What is the just married leather jacket? Why is it becoming so popular? Well, after a day of shooting, and reading testimonials from brides that have worn it, I would have to say there is no one answer. It would appear that this movement is a club of badass women, but the jacket is taking on a different meaning for each bride that puts it on. If you also want to view more of the shots from Times Like These Styled shoot at the Jam Factory, see the full shoot here or contact me below.

Check out the video shoot with Brent Miller Live performing, and shot by the talented Twenty Five Films!

The Talented Team of Vendors:

Videography: Twenty 5 Films 
Florist: Thorn Floral
Men’s Accessories: Pomp and Ceremony Toronto
Models: @Scottdallen @chantel_ak

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