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How To Have A Whimsical First Birthday Party

How To Have A Whimsical First Birthday Party

I know what you’re thinking, “how is my little one already 1 year old!” It probably feels like the sleepless nights and unforgettable days have just flown by. Then it hits you, how to have a whimsical first birthday party for your most special addition to the family. No pressure, it’s only their first. Just kidding, they’re far too young to have this stored as their earliest memory, but it is very important that as a family you capture this important milestone. You will cherish this as such a special moment for your family, and having great photos will ensure that you can enjoy this moment for years to come. So where to start you ask? Start by thinking of a location that will be special and whimsical. A place that brings a child’s smile out easily, and makes their spirit fly high. The photos will glow with this little bundle of happiness. Take little Grayson for example. His parents, Trit and Sam, really captured a magical moment for little Grayson’s first birthday.

Mom and dad stand next to their baby riding a merry go round horse family photo session
smiling dad holding his son on merry go round horse family photo session mother and father hold son in front of a llama at petting zoo mom, dad, and child walking beside a black goat in a petting zoo family photo session child in blue baseball cap holding father hand family photo session mother watching father holds child out to pet llama at a petting zoo

Where Does The Time Go?

I can’t believe it’s already been a year! Last year I met Trit and Sam just as they welcomed their little guy Grayson. They recently got in touch and wanted to capture some photos for his first birthday. I spent an afternoon documenting some of their favourite places – including the petting zoo, the splash pad and his first merry go round ride! In addition to marking Grayson’s first birthday, I think these photos are such fun summer memories.

We all know that as we grow older time feels like it speeds up. That is why I always tell people it’s so important that we capture moments such as a child’s first birthday. If you plan to capture the family’s milestones with photos, you will carry these with you for life. You can watch the family as a whole grow together. You can watch the changes your child goes through physically and emotionally. As parents, you can see yourselves grow from day 1 nervously excited for the journey ahead, today 365 happily following in tow as your child explores the world.

father watches as mother helps child walk through green gardens family photo sessions Gillian Foster mother and father watch as young child reaches out to touch yellow flower father helps young child walk through green gardens family photo sessions mother helps young child walk through green gardens family photo sessions father and son crouched to pet a goat that is jumping up on mother at a petting zoo family photo session

Let’s Find That Inner Child In The Whole Family!

What made Grayson’s big first birthday so special is that Chinguacousy park had such fun and whimsical activities that brought out not only his little smile, but also Trit and Sam’s. I think the best advice I can give parents when they plan a photo shoot for their young ones is to think of themselves too. The photos are going to look great if the whole family is enjoying themselves. I love when parents choose a location that brings out everyone’s inner child. Some inner child’s are closer to the surface than other’s, so happy searching everyone.

father holding his young smiling toddler in the air family photo session Gillian Foster mother helping son walk into splash pad at the park mother helping son walk through the water into splash pad at the park father and mother helping son walk through the water into splash pad at the park

Looking To Capture A Special Family Photoshoot?

If you’re planning a special family occasion and what to capture the magic of the moment, let me know I’d love to help. Are you also asking yourself how to plan a whimsical first birthday party for the day of the shoot? If so send me an email and I’d love to suggest a few spots. I love helping parents bring out their inner child, alongside their little child.

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